Most Popular Party Themes For Kids In 2017!


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We all know that great feeling of throwing your child a birthday party they will never forget. The cherub smile on their face when they see their favourite movie, or character on top of their cake and spread throughout the house. We are in an era where social media showcases the biggest and best parties to inspire you as you plan your child's special day. Here we have listed some of the most popular kids birthdays of 2017!


Disney’s Moana

There always seems to be one movie each year that kids look up to and adore. What better way of celebrating their day of the year than with making them feel as if they were in the movie themselves. Whilst ‘Frozen’ was the number one birthday for a long time, this year Disney’s ‘Moana’ has taken over. The animated musical brings songs, tropical islands, blue seas and a sense of adventure to every child’s mind, and is a party theme that both children and adults will enjoy and love!



The game ‘Pokemon Go’ became a worldwide phenomenon in 2016 and it put the popular television show back into the forefront of kids minds once again. This has made a pokemon party one of the most requested birthday themes in the last year. The many different colourful characters ensures every child has a favourite. With a predominantly blue and yellow theme, games and treats can easily be made to suit this theme.


Pastel parties

Pastel colours have seen a new widespread popularity within the last two years and they are here to stay! The great thing about this colour palette is that many party themes are suited to it. Garden tea parties, unicorn parties, fairy parties, you name it, this colour trend suits them all!



Superheros have been and continue to be popular amongst children and adults for decades. Superhero themed parties just as fun to plan as they are to attend! Decorating the house in superhero colours, giving food “superpowers” and allowing the kids dress up and let their imaginations go wild is will be memorable to everyone at the party for years to come!


Let us know if you have planned and held one of these parties and share your tips and tricks over on our social media pages today!



How To Create The Perfect Lolly Cart Or Buffet!


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Lolly bags given at the end of parties are so 2000’s. Carts and buffets have become one of the most popular party accessories in the past few years. Not only are they beautiful to look at but your party guests can now go up and choose how many, and what lollies they want! This keeps everyone happy! If you would like to make one of these lolly arrangements for your next party, but do not know where to begin, keep reading below!


  1. Decide on your colour theme. The colour of your lolly buffet will echo the overall theme of your party.
  2. Pick the type of lollies and chocolate you want. The most popular lollies are jellybeans, M&Ms and Twizzlers. Make sure you comply with any allergy or food requirements. You may need to seek out gluten or nut free options from a specialised store.
  3. Bulk up your lolly buffet with small individual baked goods such as cupcakes and cookies. You can make these yourself or alternatively have them made for you by companies that such as Burnt Butter Cakes.
  4. Begin to buy or hire all the aesthetics needed to pull the cart or buffet together. This is where we come in!


You will need:

  • A table or cart. Both of which you can hire from Mini Party People
  • Table cloth
  • Lolly jars - we suggest choosing different heights and shapes to add dimension to your lolly buffet and give it that wow factor. We provide small, medium and large jars for your choosing.
  • Cupcake stands or bucket turntables
  • Lolly scoops to place in each jar.
  • Lolly bags to put the lollies in.
  • Decorative tags or blackboards to write what lollies or ingredients are in each jar.
  • Decorations such as scatter pieces, balloons, streamers, party signs, garlands. It is all up to you!
  • Get creative and start placing and arranging all your items on the table until you are happy with how they look. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just enjoy yourself and have fun!



Halloween Party Treats

hot dog party


The spooky season is upon us and what better way to celebrate that with treats! If you are planning a party for your kids this Halloween, and stuck on creative party food, keep reading below.


Hot dog Mummies

What you will need for this savoury treat are small Frankfurt sausages and a couple sheets of puff pastry. Begin by boiling the sausages. While they are cooking, preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius and begin cutting the puff pastry in long strips about 1cm in width.

When the sausages have boiled, pour water out and allow them to cool to a lukewarm temperature. Wrap two strips of pastry around the sausage, leaving a small slit where the “Mummys” eyes should go. Pinch the ends and glaze with egg yolk before placing them in the oven. Bake until the pastry has turned a light, golden brown. Use tomato sauce or mustard to place two small dots for the eyes.


Halloween cookies:

Halloween cookies are a fun and delicious Halloween party treat that the kids will love! The great thing about this party food is that you can make them using any one of your favourite cookie recipes. As long as you have Halloween cookie cutters, coloured icing and an array of toppings, you can let your imagination run wild! One better yet would be setting up a cookie decorating station, and allowing the kids to decorate the cookies as a party activity.


‘Dirt’ Chocolate crackles with sour worms

Chocolate crackles but not as you know it! Make your favourite chocolate crackle recipe and mix sour worms in the mixture before you spoon it into cupcake holders. Before refrigerating, crush up Oreos and sprinkle on top. Lastly, place another sour worm on the top. Sit back and watch the kids squirm as they enjoy their treat!


If you are in the need of more baking inspiration, look no further than ‘Bake It Box’. They create new, delicious and fun baking kits and have them delivered to your door every month! We used them to make these ‘monster’ cupcakes for our Halloween shoot!


Check them out at


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